5 Secrets To Having Great And Unforgettable Sex In Relationships

5 Secrets To Having Great And Unforgettable Sex In Relationships

A good sex life takes dedication especially when you are in a long-term relationship. But when you do put in energy, you can get out the most amazing sex you can ever imagine.

Making efforts on how you can be able to improve your sex life has countless amazing benefits for your relationship with your partner, with yourself and your whole life. Furthermore, sex teaches us about the very essence of life and brings us closer to who we truly are.

Let’s dive into the 5 secrets on how you could have great and unforgettable sex while in a relationship;

Secret 1: Increase consciousness and mindfulness in your relationship.

Sex doesn’t start with sex. It doesn’t start when you touch boobs, pussy or penis. It starts on the invisible and energetical level. It starts when you see that your partner takes care of himself. It’s a form of mental foreplay when you consciously solve tension between the two of you, inspire each other and become mindful with each other. Try to increase the consciousness and mindfulness in your relationship with your lover and yourself.

Secret 2: Great sex begins in HER mouth.

When talking about physical act of sex, the best sex starts with the woman’s mouth. Through passionate kissing, oral sex and especially deep throating, the sexual energy heightens much faster than of a man who would caress right away a woman’s breast or her pussy. In ancient sexology, a woman’s sexual energy naturally begins in her mouth. This energy then flows from the mouth down into the vagina. Start kissing your guy passionately and then go down on your man. You’ll soon notice how your sexual juices are flowing much more abundantly.

Secret 3: Admire your lover’s body.

When you honestly admire your lover’s penis, breasts, lips, pussy, tummy, skin, whatever it is you admire, real magic can happen. Admire especially those parts that your lover is insecure about. Through this practice, your lover will become sexually more confident. The more confident they are, the better they’ll be able to let go and letting go is the golden key to an orgasmic ride. The more you partner enjoys the ride, the more you will enjoy it.

Secret 4: Explore the amazing benefits of edging and thrusting.

Edging is a powerful practice for both men and women to intensify the orgasm. The slower you take things, the more times you get close to the edge without going over, the more powerful orgasm will be. It’s called edging – one of the most amazing practices for men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It builds stamina and even increases the size of the penis. Another great way to make the love making more exciting is to use penis thrusting as an art. It’s a known method for a man to last longer and achieve more intense orgasms.

Secret 5: Sexual sound brings more sexual energy.

Nothing is sexier than moaning, groaning and getting into the groove. Ancient sexology says your throat is connected to your pussy. If your throat is open to sound, then your pussy and penis are much more open to pleasure. Fact also says that the more sounds you make, the longer you will be able to ride the orgasmic wave since the sound further stimulates your organs and intimate area.

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