8 Vagina Empowering Tips

8 Vagina Empowering Tips

If you want a healthy, sweet tasting, tight and magnetic vagina that showers you with full body orgasms, then there’s one thing you can do: You have to take care of your pussy.

You vagina needs to be cleansed, strengthened, healed and loved, not just on the physical level, but also on the emotional and energetical level.

Today, we’re going to share with you the amazing ways to get in tune with your lady bits;

Drink Pure Water

Water is life and the fountain of youth. Drinking 3 liters high quality water on a regular basis will help you clean out toxins, thus make the vaginal secretion taste and smell naturally pleasant. It flashes out excess bacteria and toxins from your urinary tract and vaginal opening. The cleaner you feel, the better your body confidence will be and the better your sex life will be.

The Power Of Mindful Masturbation

Mindful masturbation is a great practice to connect with your vagina. Touch your yoni or vulva softly while connecting with your heart. Massage and explore every part of it slowly and don’t rush for orgasm. Most importantly, don’t watch porn during mindful masturbation. Porn has some pretty nasty effects on your natural sexual response. Focus on your breath and bodily sensations. Take a lot of time for this practice and really make love to yourself.

Breathe Deep Into Your Yoni

Most of us only know the shallow chest breathing, but the magic can only happen when you start to breathe deep inside your tummy, maybe even into your pussy. Deep breathing activates your lymphatic system which helps you in removing toxins and opening you up to better and longer-lasting orgasms.

Heal From Your Past Pain

Your womb is like a second brain. All of your emotions and experiences are stored there. That happens every time a cock enters your pussy without being fully ready for it. When you suppress these emotions, your life energy gets stuck that eventually lead to physical ailments and you won’t be able to experience sexual pleasure.

Avoid Stress

Avoid all kinds of stressful situation. Every day, find yourself some quiet time where you can consciously relax and just lay down. If you feel stressed out in your life, you produce stress hormones in your body. These hormones change the pH of you vagina which kill the beneficial acid-loving organisms while allowing problematic alkaline-loving ones to grow freely. So have enough sleep, meditate and sometimes, just do nothing.

Do Yoga Core Strength Exercises

Yoga core strength exercises help you to connect with your womb. They help you to strengthen your core, pelvic muscles and vagina as well as heighten the pleasure when having sex. These exercises also help to keep the energy flowing into the reproductive area. When energy flows, orgasm can follow.

Avoid Tight Clothing

The combination of heat, sweat and friction is not a very good idea if you want a naturally smelling and healthy vagina. Tight clothing locked in the heat and moisture down there which could lead to an unbearable yeast infection. Take off your panty as often as possible. This will keep your intimate area dry and allow the oxygen to flow, which naturally kills harmful bacteria.

Eat Citrus Fruits

The taste and smell of your secretion highly depends on the kind of foods and drinks you intake. Avoid foods that are high in acid because your body may become weak. Instead, eat citrus fruits like oranges and lemons to remove the toxins and balance your pH levels. All citrus fruits can boost the immune system which leads to a sweet tasting and smelling sexual nectar.

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