Men’s Guide To Exploring And Awakening Her G-Spot

Men’s Guide To Exploring And Awakening Her G-Spot

Scientists are still debating whether the G-spot exists or not. The reason they are debating is because it is not like an organ which can easily be located but more of a bundle of nerves.

Where G-spot is located?

The G-spot can be found on the upper wall of her pussy, just behind the pubic bone. When a girl becomes aroused, this area changes its texture and she feels a bit rigid like a wash board or the roof of your mouth. It swells to the size of a pea and sometimes even much larger like a golf ball.

Most people don’t know that the G-spot is not just a spot, but an area which extends the entire length of her vagina and is connected to the clitoral network, just in front of the cervix. The ancients in India and China named it “sacred spot” because they believe this area holds so much power and if stimulated, can help a woman to release emotional and sexual trauma. Moreover, giving this area some love can move a woman into deeper, longer and way more intense orgasms.

When you massage the G-spot, it activates the entire erectile tissue. Nevertheless, you really have to know what to do in order to do it right because you can mess this up. If you really want to explore her G-spot, you will have to learn and understand a few important things such as;

  1. G-spot is not a magical button that you press like a light switch to make your lady come or squirt. This might work in porn movies, but not in real life.
  2. Only stimulate the G-spot area after your girl is highly aroused. Most women if not yet aroused don’t get much pleasure from this area and some don’t feel anything at all. This might be due to sexual trauma, insecurity or simply because it has never been touched or awakened. If this is the case, see the G-spot massage rather as a healing session than an orgasm session.
  3. G-spot only works if your woman is able to trust you with her body, mind and soul. So do whatever it takes to make her feel safe.
  4. The G-spot loves fingers and usually two fingers are the magical number.
  5. Some women can ejaculate large fluids also know as nectar of bliss or squirting.

There are many ways to awaken the G-spot. Some of them are the following;

  • Before you enter her, touch the G-spot and awakening her entire body for at least 20 to 30 minutes. The more aroused she is, the better the G-spot will respond to your touch.
  • When she’s fully aroused, don’t go straight inside but enter her slowly with one and then two fingers.
  • There are different ways to stimulate the G-spot. You can do so with a come here motion, circles or you can gently press into it and hold it while intensifying the pressure.
  • Don’t forget about the clitoris when you reached the G-spot. They are directly connected to each other.
  • If you want to intensify the feeling a bit more, you can gently press on her lower abdomen while doing the ‘come here’ motion on the G-spot.

Remember, every woman is different. Listen to her, feel her and be present with her. This is more important than any techniques.

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